Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new and innovative solution for the automation of business processes. Imagine RPA as a virtual employee who automatically operates your existing business applications (e.g. ERP systems, CRM portals, office applications, etc.) just like a normal employee. An automation solution which uses RPA provides your company with many benefits.

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Intelligent Automation Consulting

We bring together the world-class consulting and deep technical expertise required to deliver the best automation solutions for our clients. Our consulting team evaluates every process and begins by automating those that quickly deliver returns on investment.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover unexpected possibilities and transform your business processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI) – An area of computer science that deals with the automation of complex behavior. In simple terms, this means that AI attempts to reproduce human intelligence in order to process decisions and logic independently on a computer.

Personal Robotic Assistance

Personal Robotic Assistance (PRA) helps you and your employees with day-to-day work. The PRA supports you by showing inexperienced employees how to complete a process on their own computer or by doing tasks directly for the employees.

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We have automated RPA Code Quality Assurance making it easier than ever to ensure that no automation fails in production.

By simply dragging your RPA project into Roboyo Coach, you are connected to the Roboyo Knowledge Base which gives you an explanation of each best practice as it is evaluated in real-time. This allows developers to be trained as they go along, speeding up the RPA learning curve.

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The Roboyo Academy offers global, onsite and virtual classroom training for modern RPA software enterprise solutions. You will learn from our certified official trainers with hands-on experience, in the RPA business environment.


Case Studies

Read how our customers use Intelligent Process Automation solutions like RPA, PRA, and AI in our latest case studies.

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We collaborate with the best software vendors in the areas of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Personal Robotic Assistant (PRA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With our proven approach, we can automate your business processes and increase the added value for your company.

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