Symbiotic Automation Technologies Blossom

The latest tech that augments your automation ecosystem will continue to thrive this year

Intelligent tools with the power to radically transform your automation capabilities are constantly evolving and advancing.

In our previous blog we explored the rise of RPA platforms, which provide the foundations on which you can build and enhance your automated processes.

Here we discuss the growing influence of technologies that you can plug into your automated processes and amplify their impact on your business.


What’s happening across organisations like yours

Technologies capable of augmenting your automated processes are being developed all the time. You may already be trailing some of these in your organisation. But their true potential will start to be fully realised in 2021 as they bring brainpower to already efficient RPA platforms.

By integrating complementary systems and tools with your automation platform you can extend the reach of automation in your organisation and deepen the benefits you get from it.

Technologies such as business process management, intelligent document management and conversational AI are extending automation across many more steps of processes that previously couldn’t be automated. They’re enabling organisations to not only automate whole processes from start to finish, but to also augment each step and provide richer insight for informed decisions that benefit your business along the way.


Why this matters to you

Every organisation has end-to-end processes. And if you’re anything like our clients, you want to make them all more efficient, more productive and, ultimately, more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Developing an ecosystem of symbiotic automation tools can help you do that.

Take a relatively simple process such as paying supplier invoices. The invoice is received and needs to be recognised and uploaded into the system. The right information needs to be extracted and the correct actions taken.

There are several tools that could intelligently join each step together and transform the process:

  • Intelligent document processing, to recognise an invoice and the relevant information it contains.
  • Workflow automation, to distribute it to different systems to carry out the task or flag that it needs approval by an employee.
  • Conversational artificial intelligence, to answer supplier queries and help them track their payments.


How you can take advantage of it

In the first instance, head back to our previous blog on the rise of automation platforms and put a central automation platform in place if you haven’t already. This is the vital foundation that will give you the capacity to integrate different technologies into your processes in a coherent way.

You’ll then be able to see where the gaps are, which processes could do with some assistance and where other technologies may already be playing their parts successfully. This isn’t an all-or-nothing situation, you can take it step-by-step, gradually building up the tools you have on your platform and developing relationships with automation providers.

This will give the tech you implement a chance to prove its mettle, making the case for your next implementation. After all, although one tool can generate impressive benefits, combining several will amplify those benefits across your business.



What’s next?

As your automation systems become more interconnected and responsive it is increasingly difficult to separate them from your wider digital strategy.

That’s why in our next blog we’ll look more closely at how automation is moving out of the shadows to take its rightful place at the heart of your business’s tech stack.

If you’d like to read digital technologies converge right now, along with all our other blogs in this series, you can download our full Automation Trends 2021 eBook.

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