Petze: a quality code reviewer that will leave you speechless

Update: This product was rebranded to Roboyo Coach, which is part of the Roboyo Converge ecosystem, a global intelligent automation platform. Roboyo Coach is a unique and automated RPA code reviewer with multi-vendor support that can help you in all your RPA implementations. It ensures code quality, making it easier than ever, and guarantee that no automation fails in production.

Most organizations fail to understand the true impact of good quality code, at the same time, organizations spend a great percentage of their budgets on training without developing a way of ensuring that the best practices are being applied during the development phase. Taking this into account, our automated code reviewer service – Petze – ensures that your automation is up to the best practice standards, allowing you to eliminate the exponential failure costs.

By simply dragging your UiPath project into Petze, Roboyo’s best practices will be validated on your automation. For example, is there a hardcoded password creating a potential security breach? Petze will flag it!

As it connects to the Roboyo Knowledge Base, it gives you an explanation of each best practice that Petze is validating in real-time, allowing developers to be trained as they go and speeding their learning curve.

What are the benefits of using Petze?

• Elimination of human error during code-review checkpoints.

• Improved quality as automation best practices is ensured by default.

• Improved security (e.g. Petze checks for hard-coded passwords).

• Creation of quality checkpoints on the automation lifecycle leading to the decrease of the time to production.

When is Petze generally used?

• Throughout the development phase, developers can check their code and confirm they are complying to the best practices in real time.

• Before releasing automation in the production environment, a quality check is done using Petze.

Is Petze really for me?

Delivery team

Developers and solution designers can now validate their UiPath workflows in real time and benefit from our Roboyo Knowledge Base. An error report is produced every time Petze ensuring that no error is left behind thus increasing code quality minimizing the need for code troubleshooting.

Operations team

Release Managers can now approve a process to production without having to be technical savvy in UiPath. By simply requesting an error-free Petze report, one can now be sure that all best practices are respected. Additionally, an error history panel allows Operations to see development progress adding an extra layer of visibility allowing for better resource planning.


Petze has also been prepared for managers. Would you like to know the progress of your team in real time? Petze aggregate statistics to create reports showing the progress of each automation in scope creating full transparency for non-technical stakeholders on the progress of the delivery team.

Did you realize how Petze can help you speed up your RPA journey? Does it sound like Petze is the tool you are looking for?



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