Intelligent automation expert Roboyo accelerates digital transformation in Japan through pioneering partnership with Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi’s consulting arm brings Roboyo’s Converge platform to Japan, accelerating and improving business outcomes for clients using UiPath robots.


JAPAN, February 25th, 2021 – Intelligent automation expert Roboyo has signed a ground-breaking distribution agreement with Hitachi Solutions to provide its Intelligent Automation platform Roboyo Converge in Japan. From February, Hitachi Solutions will use Roboyo Converge to improve the quality of robots developed on the Robot Process Automation (RPA) platform UiPath.

Christian Voigt, CEO of Roboyo US, comments: “We are proud to partner with such a respected provider to bring Roboyo Converge to the Japanese market. Hitachi Solutions helps the world’s most advanced organizations to accelerate their digital transformation using industry-leading solutions. Roboyo Converge is the only comprehensive tool for managing the automation lifecycle: combining Hitachi’s consulting expertise with our platform will help Japanese enterprises deliver automation faster, more securely, and at a higher quality.

Roboyo’s proprietary Converge platform offers a specially developed management tool that, for the first time, maps the entire automation lifecycle and supports customers in end-to-end automation.

By supporting multiple vendors, and integrating features such as process mining, code-checking, governance, and analytics, the platform accelerates the successful operationalization of a full spectrum of automation technologies at scale.

Koji Sato, Department Manager of RPA Solutions at Hitachi Solutions explains: “We are delighted to bring Roboyo Converge to Japan to provide full-stream help with managing the automation life cycle. It will allow us to improve robot quality and achieve more efficient and productive processes for our customers. Our customers report tangible, profitable benefits from implementing robot process automation, and Roboyo’s platform will enable them to realize these benefits at an even greater scale and pace.

Chief Technology Officer, Sven Manutiu adds, “Users can simply drag and drop UiPath code into Roboyo Converge, which then automatically suggests an optimal approach to performance. This approach significantly improves code, reduces workload, and saves time for the system administrator. Even those without technical expertise can achieve hands-on RPA by following Roboyo Converge’s tips and hints.

Mr. Kazunori Tachibana, General Manager of Partner Sales Division, Sales & Marketing Division, UiPath Co., Ltd., comments: “Roboyo Converge is the leading platform for reducing the burden on both UiPath developers and system administrators. It enables organizations to correct errors, develop more advanced robots and expand the areas where automation can be used. This will bring significant benefits to organizations in Japan in terms of productivity and efficiency, accelerating the pace of digital transformation in the region.


About Roboyo

Roboyo is a market leader in intelligent automation.

Founded in Germany in 2016 by former Deloitte and Capgemini executives, Nicolas Hess, Sven Manutiu, and Christian Voigt, the company already has a global presence spanning the US, UK, Austria, Spain, France, and India.

Working with many of the world’s most well-known brands, Roboyo enables clients to harness a full spectrum of accelerated technologies, from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Roboyo’s holistic approach to process automation helps businesses elevate their employee and customer experience and increase efficiencies while removing errors and reducing costs.

Alongside its strategic consulting and implementation services, its proprietary Converge platform offers a specially developed management tool that for the first time maps the entire automation lifecycle and supports customers in end-to-end automation.

This fast-growing business has earned a reputation for successfully empowering companies to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment and succeed at speed.

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About Hitachi Solutions

Founded in 1970, Hitachi Solutions is a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. Since 2017 it has supported customers across Japan to successfully implement automation programs.

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Justin Franks, Director of Growth for Roboyo USA.

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