Intelligent Document Processing

Transforming business documents into business value

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate traditional document-driven processes, transforming unstructured and semi-structured information into structured content.

Get rid of these slow, tedious, and error-prone processes that might result in quality issues. Use the latest technologies to automate and scale, whether your processes are on-premise or in the cloud, and be capable of extracting and organizing your process information into any document format.

Intelligent Document Process Overview

Intelligent Document Processing Capabilities


data export file formats

All types of documents and information can be exported and stored virtually in any location.


PO matching

IDP can match data into useful information for your business.


service level agreement (SLA)

IDP allows you to set up specific SLAs to increase the precision of your data downstream.


line items support

Get help from table line item extractions and digitalize your business operations end-to-end.

Intelligent Document Processing Examples


Automated invoice processing and booking in an ERP system saves costs and has a quick ROI.


Improve customer service, liquidity, and compete for new clients by automating manual paperwork in bank account opening, credit card application processing, loan origination, and other processes.


Reduce the labor-intensive work and increase the efficiency of document processing, including patient records and medical prescription forms.


Achieve the highest levels of security, reliability, scalability, and efficiency by automating the procession of correspondence, contracts, surveys, census forms, voting ballots, pension cards, tax declarations, social applications, etc.


Processes that manage a wide variety of legal documents including pleadings, application forms, contracts, benefit enrollment forms, correspondence, and more.


Automate and accelerate the processing of high volumes of various document types — insurance claim and benefits forms, policy agreements.

Intelligent Processing Document Market Growth


IDP is accelerating exponentially as companies are progressively adopting document understanding technology to their business processes. It’s expected to grow more than 80% during the next few years.

1.5 Billion

The rapid growth of Intelligent Document Processing is transforming organizations and it’s creating a positive business impact. It’s likely to reach 1.5 billion market size.

50% - 75%

This technology is really fast. It can reduce the processing time of tasks by 50%. At the same, you get rid of tedious manual and repetitive work which can boost your revenue accounts.

"The majority of companies have some processes where the input is not digital. This was a big barrier to applying intelligent automation technologies such as RPA. Intelligent Document Processing can digitalize your process document, this puts you in a great position where you can automate your process lifecycle."

Our partner for intelligent document processing

Working with ABBYY has been such a great experience. ABBYY solutions are really focused on business processes. Their approach on digital transformation and unique offerings are what we need at Roboyo to speed up our clients' intelligent automation journey.

Florian Friedich,
Responsible for Intelligent Document Processing at Roboyo

Intelligent Document Processing Case Study

Discover how, in just seven weeks, Roboyo developed an end-to-end invoice process automation for a global industrial generator manufacturer using Intelligent Document Processing and Robotic Process Automation.

Intelligent Document Processing for Invoices

Discover how Intelligent Document Process can boost your automation

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